Who are GLoBALL Ambassadors?

Friendly people who already have a basic understanding of footy or cricket and explain it well to others.

  • People interested in sharing their knowledge about footy or cricket and in supporting the GLoBALL goal of Strengthening Communities Through Sport
  • Members of footy and/or cricket clubs
  • Multicultural volunteers
  • Teachers from universities and colleges
  • Students (foreign and local citizens)
  • New migrants


Ambassadors assist groups of international students in:

  • Arriving at the game
  • Collecting their ticket from the GLoBALL marquee (set up outside the stadium)
  • Navigating their way to their seat and around the stadium
  • Explaining the game so as the participants grasp an understanding of footy as they are watching it

Ambassadors are expected to:

  • Go to a briefing session at start of the season to learn more about the role of an ambassador.
  • Assist with at least one game (those who work as ambassadors for two or more games receive a special reward)
  • Share their knowledge in a friendly way and chat with participants to help make it a fun experience for everyone.

    Noelle gives thumbs up to being an ambassador

Why be a GLoBALL Ambassador?

By becoming an Ambassador this enables you to watch selected iconic sporting events live and free, while giving you the opportunity to meet new people from different cultures from all over the world in the same experience.

As an Ambassador you also have the opportunity to develop your interpersonal skills by communicating and facilitating discussion within your group and sharing your knowledge about footy or cricket with your participants. It enables you to contribute to the GLoBALL goal of Strengthening Communities Through Sport.

For students, it’s a good opportunity to practice your leadership and coordination skills, enjoy fun events while even gaining credit for Work Integrated Learning activities, or as part of your mentoring or buddy work through your educational institution.

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