Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have never been to a game before and I do not understand it. Is that ok?
    Yes, of course! We have ambassadors (local people) who will sit with you during the game and will help explain the game, how to get around Melbourne and in general will have a chat to you about life in Australia. You just need to turn up because we will look after you!


  • I would like to go to a GLoBALL game with some of my friends/family. Can I do this?
    You sure can. We love meeting new people and are always happy to add to our GLoBALL team. Simply follow these easy steps…
    1}  Get your friends/family to register on our website.
    2}  Pick an event you would all like to attend.
    3}  Each sign in to your GLOBALL account & select the event.
    4}  On game day arrive together (so you will be in the same group/sitting next to one another).


  • The registration cut off date has past, but I would like a ticket to that game. What can I do?
    Unfortunately, if the cut off date has past you will not be able to request tickets for that game. So you don’t miss out next time please make sure you get in early.


  •  I am unable to attend an event that I previously said I could attend. Who should I tell?
    Out of respect to everyone it would be best to let us know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE if you are unable to attend. You can cancel on the website by visiting the ‘My Events’ page and selecting the cancel link. You’ll receive an email confirming this cancellation.


  • I work for an organisation that caters for international students/new migrants/refugees. I would like to organise a bus and bring a group of my clients to a GLoBALL game. What is the best way to do this?
    We love companies/organisations accompanying a group. It helps those people who are a little unsure about getting around. Please send us an e-mail to help arrange your group to

If you have any other questions that our website does not answer, please feel free to e-mail us at