GLoBALL participants get access to our unique range of activities by simply registering on our website. It is FREE and does not come with any catches. We simply want to share our strong sporting passion with as many people as possible, and hopefully as a result we will help strengthen our community!

goddard_globall_580So far we have seen GLoBALL participants from over 105 countries around the world. The program is for everyone so we have a mix of both males and females, with our youngest participant being 5 years old and our oldest, to date, 71 years young!


Who can be a GLoBALL Participant?

International Students studying in Victoria, as well as new migrants and refugees, or more specifically:

  • International Students
  • Exchange Students
  • New Migrants (People holding a permanent residency visa or recently granted Australian Citizenship)
  • People on Humanitarian and Refugee visas
  • People on Visitor Visas
  • People on Bridging Visas

To become a GLoBALL participant, please sign up here

If you are not sure if you fit into any of these categories please don’t hesitate to contact us about how you can get involved. Our best contact is via e-mail